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Window Tinting Benefits

Reduces Heat & Glare

  • Increase comfort levels inside your home or office. Reflective window film can reduce heat by as much as 80% in Summer.

Saves Electricity

  • Solar window films are energy efficient by reducing your monthly air conditioning running time/costs.


  • Silver Reflective (One Way Film) offers day time privacy but none at night (curtains/blinds still needed at night) while other films can offer partial day time privacy. At night time the silver/mirror effect reverses to the inside when the lights are on inside. The 1 way mirror effect shows more on the side with the most light.

Protects against broken glass pieces

  • Accidents, forced entry, seismic activity.
  • Turns normal glass into Safety Glass.

Blocks up to 99% of Harmful UV Rays

  • Minimize UV health risks to skin and eyes.
  • Minimize fading of furniture & wooden floors.

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Window Tinting vs Window Frosting.

If you are looking to keep out the heat then a tint film application is the answer. Heat reflective window film reduces the amount of Solar Energy entering a room by absorbing between 28% & 47% of the heat depending on the solar window film type, and this is where the heat inside a room is greatly reduced, especially in the hot summer months. Residential window tint film blocks up to 99% of the Sun’s UV rays while reducing energy costs at the same time by means of reducing air conditioner running times.


With window tint film applications there are also some privacy options but they are limited. The standard black & grey tint films offer partial privacy during the day but one can still see in depending on the amount of light outside and the intensity of the UV window film. Reflective window film offers day time privacy but none at night, especially with the lights on inside, so at night time blinds or curtains would still need to be drawn for total privacy. Being a reflective product, these solar window films outperform all other tint films when it comes to heat rejection to deliver fast payback and long-term energy savings. One Way Films for privacy (Mirror Tint) are light dependent & are intended for use on windows which are exposed to outside light so when using these films indoors there needs to be enough light created inside (interrogation rooms) to achieve the privacy needed on the correct side of the film.

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We specialise in Sandblast vinyl installations for privacy
and Window Tinting for homes and offices to reduce heat.





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