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Window Tinting For Heat Reduction

Glass and Film Facts

Shatterproof, Laminated & Safety Glass Film Restrictions:

  • These glass panes expand and contract with heat. Dense colour solar window film causes thermal stress to the glass which can cause the glass to crack if the correct film is not installed on a specific glass type. If Laminated or Safety glass windows are not exposed to sun then it will be acceptible to use any colour film, if  the glass is exposed for 2-3 hours of morning sun only then it would be acceptible to use any colour films BUT if the glass is exposed to the sun from +- 11h00 until the  evening then a dense window tint film could cause the glass to crack. The only window film one can safely use on these windows with a lot of sun exposure are a Non-reflective 35% or a Silver 15% reflective or higher.

Toughened, Temper Shield, Armor Plate or Float Glass:

  • Any film of choice can be used on these glass types.  Window tint films are ideal for keeping out harmful U.V. rays and in the process protecting any blinds or furniture that may be exposed to the sun during the day from fading.

Factory Tinted Glass:

  • See FAQ for film to glass recommendations.

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Window Tinting vs Window Frosting.

If you are looking to keep out the heat then a tint film application is the answer. Heat reflective window film reduces the amount of Solar Energy entering a room by absorbing between 28% & 47% of the heat depending on the solar window film type, and this is where the heat inside a room is greatly reduced, especially in the hot summer months. Residential window tint film blocks up to 99% of the Sun’s UV rays while reducing energy costs at the same time by means of reducing air conditioner running times.


With window tint film applications there are also some privacy options but they are limited. The standard black & grey tint films offer partial privacy during the day but one can still see in depending on the amount of light outside and the intensity of the UV window film. Reflective window film offers day time privacy but none at night, especially with the lights on inside, so at night time blinds or curtains would still need to be drawn for total privacy. Being a reflective product, these solar window films outperform all other tint films when it comes to heat rejection to deliver fast payback and long-term energy savings. One Way Films for privacy (Mirror Tint) are light dependent & are intended for use on windows which are exposed to outside light so when using these films indoors there needs to be enough light created inside (interrogation rooms) to achieve the privacy needed on the correct side of the film.

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