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For Home For Business Window Frosting Benefits
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Window Frosting Benefits


  • Because of Frosted window film being translucent, it allows 90% light in but still offers 100% privacy day & night, so no need for curtains or blinds at night time like window tinting privacy options require.
  • Ideal for increased privacy from neighbours, especially in an estate where homes are built close together.


  • Conventional sandblasting involves the removal of a layer of glass, resulting in weakened glass. Sandblast vinyl eliminates this problem by now turning your glass into Safety Glass while still achieving that same elegant Sandblast look.
  • Protects against broken glass pieces in the event of accidents, forced entry, seismic activity & kids or adults walking into glass sliding doors.


  • Sandblast vinyl is also removable if needed, especially from rented spaces, whereas conventional Sandblast is permanent and involves replacing the actual glass itself.
  • No need to be stuck with one design for life. Sandblast vinyl designs can be replaced with a new design when needed.

Blocks up to 95% of Harmful UV Rays & Eliminates Glare

  • Minimize UV health risks to skin and eyes. 
  • Minimize fading of furniture, curtains, blinds, paintings & wooden floors.
  • Eliminate direct glare from the sun with a solid frosting installation (especially on computer screens)

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Window Frosting vs Window Tinting.

If you are looking to achieve total privacy day and night from both sides of the glass then look no further than a window frosting film installation. Frosted window films, also known as sandblast vinyl, offer *100% privacy day and night even from the outside with the lights on inside a room at night, so no need to have curtains or blinds drawn for total privacy. Window frosting film is translucent and because of this it still allows up to 90% of natural light in during the day. *There is an exception and that is security gates right up against the glass which still show through because of the translucent properties of the film but from 0.5 metres away privacy is achieved and at 2m total privacy.

Typical uses for total privacy would be for frosted bathroom windows, meeting rooms and areas where sensitive business information is displayed in the workplace. If total privacy is not essential then a frosted glass design is the answer which would allow one to see partially to the outside if needed which would offer partial privacy, this can include company logos on windows, frosted sliding door strips or even an abstract design if needed. Sandblast vinyl blocks up to 95% of the Sun's UV rays which slows the fading process of furniture and curtains which are exposed to the sun, but it does not stop as much heat as tinting does from entering a room.

Conventional sandblast is achieved by removing a layer of the glass surface and the result is weakened glass. Sandblast vinyl eliminates this problem but achieves the same elegant look and also protects the glass from shattering in the event of any breakage PLUS it is removable should a design want to be changed or removed from rented office spaces.

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