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Solid Vinyl Printed Film

Large Format Vinyl Stickers

  • If you are looking to achieve total privacy day and night from both sides of the glass then printing vinyl decals on this media is an option which allows a full colour graphic to be printed and displayed on shopfronts or even in a corporate environment where a company logo and design can be displayed in reception areas or across boardroom glass panels.


  • Clear vinyl stickers are also an option here but this option does not offer total privacy because it is a transparent option which allows one to see through the product from both sides once installed onto glass. We are also able to print any design directly onto Sandblast vinyl as well if needed which is also an attractive option.

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Printed Vinyl Stickers

When it comes to vinyl stickers there are various options available which come in the form of printed graphics or coloured vinyl stickers which are cut into lettering or shapes.  Printed vinyl stickers allow you to communicate your advertising message very effectively with any full colour graphics of your choice. There is a solid white vinyl option for total privacy/block-out, Contra-vision with perforated holes or transparent vinyl printing to allow one to still see into or out of an enclosed space.

Cut out Vinyl Stickers

These can also be printed & then cut to a specific shape where needed but are more commonly used for Sandblast vinyl decals or for coloured vinyl decals requiring letter & logo cut outs without any backgrounds.



UV film laminations are highly recommended for any printed graphics in order to protect them from scratches and also generally from the outdoor elements if installed outdoors.

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We specialise in Sandblast vinyl installations for privacy
and Window Tinting for homes and offices to reduce heat.





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