Frequently Asked Questions


Some privacy window film questions answered.

All types of residential window film whether it’s solar film, security window film, anti graffiti film, decorative window film & window graphics are removable. While window film can be removed if need be, it isn’t easily removable in the sense that it will just fall off over time. If you want your window film removed, for best results, contact a professional company like Carmeleon Branding to assist in any such removals.

One way mirror film works with light. The side with the most light will give the mirror effect making it most effective with windows exposed to outdoor light. If used indoors, sufficient artificial light needs to be created on the side the mirror effect is needed.

If you don’t install the proper window film for your glass type then yes, your glass might be susceptible to cracking, due to the window film absorbing too much heat, in the case of Laminated Glass which needs to expand and contract and certain films can prevent this from happening thus causing Laminated Glass to possibly crack.

It’s very common for newly installed residential solar film to show evidence of water bubbles as it’s actually part of the drying process. Don’t worry, it’s simply residual moisture trapped under the film that will evaporate as the film cures to this window over the drying period mentioned next. Sometimes the drying process can take up to 60 days for all the moisture to evaporate. It is important that you don’t touch or press on these bubbles as it prolongs the drying process and can potentially damage the film.

Most window films will not adhere to it as they were made for standard glass. There are a few window films on the market that will adhere to plexiglass but they aren’t available locally unfortunately.

Frosted vinyl window stickers allow 90% light in but offers 100% privacy day and night.  Only burglar bars right up against the windows still show through but from 0.5m privacy starts and at 2m total privacy is achieved.

Most solar film is installed on the interior of windows in residential settings. As a matter of fact, the majority of window films are actually made for interior installation. With that being said, there are exterior window films available for homes.

When it comes to installing window film to homes, the installation process itself isn’t very loud. However, removing old window film can get a little loud. Our installation team work very efficiently and are as mindful as possible of the noise and try to remove the window film as fast as possible. If noise is a concern to you, contact us to figure out a time that works best for you!

When it comes to privacy, you can get daytime privacy with solar film, but the current window film products that are available on the market don’t allow for night time privacy if the lights are on. If you are looking for night time privacy, you can use a decorative window film such as a frosted window film to achieve night time privacy. With frosted window film, you won’t be able to see in or out during the day or night.

Residential window film can be cleaned with non-abrasive materials like a micro-fibre cloth and ammonia free liquid solutions. It is important to note that window film can take up to 60 days to fully dry, so be sure to wait the appropriate amount of time before trying to clean your windows.

If you are looking for window tinting to achieve total privacy day and night from both sides of the glass then look no further than Sandblast vinyl window film. Sandblast window tinting offers *100% privacy day and night, even from the outside with the lights on inside a room at night, so no need to have curtains or blinds drawn for total privacy. Sandblast vinyl is translucent, and because of this it still allows up to 90% of the natural outside light in during the day, which makes for a sensible tinted glass option in this regard. *There is a slight exception though, and that is security gates right up against the glass which still show through because of the translucent properties of the Sandblast vinyl, so if you are wanting to block off or cover security gates then you will be slightly disappointed here, but from 0.5 metres away privacy is achieved and at 2m total privacy, so leaving curtains or blinds open with Sandblast vinyl installed on your windows will be no problem whatsoever, especially in townhouse complexes or estate type living where homes are often built quite close to each other.

Typical uses for total privacy window tinting would be frosted window decals for bathroom windows, frosting conference room glass doors and any other areas where sensitive business information is displayed in the workplace. If total privacy is not essential then cut out frosted vinyl stickers for windows are the answer, which would allow one to see partially to the outside if needed which would offer partial privacy, this can include company logos on windows, window frost decor for sliding glass doors or even an abstract circle or line type design if needed. Sandblast vinyl window tinting blocks up to 95% of the Sun’s UV rays which drastically slows down the Sun’s fading process of furniture and curtains which are exposed to the sun during the day, but it does not stop as much solar heat as solar window film does from entering a room because it doesn’t have the same heat absorption and heat rejection properties as solar window film does and silver reflective solar window film is by far the best performer when it comes to heat rejection.

Just a note on some safety: Conventional sandblast is achieved by removing a layer of the glass surface and the result is weakened glass. Sandblast vinyl window tinting eliminates this problem but achieves the same elegant look and also protects the glass from shattering in the event of any breakage PLUS it is removable should a design want to be updated to the latest trends out there. Sandblast vinyl is also removable whenever necessary, especially in the case of rented office space where these spaces generally have to be vacated and left as when you first moved in.