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Does house window tint go on the inside or outside?
Most solar film is installed on the interior of windows in residential settings. As a matter of fact, the majority of window films are actually made for interior installation. With that being said, there are exterior window films available for homes.

Is installing window film to your home a noisy process?
When it comes to installing window film to homes, the installation process itself isn’t very loud. However, removing old window film can get a little loud. Our installation team work very efficiently and are as mindful as possible of the noise and try to remove the window film as fast as possible. If noise is a concern to you, contact us to figure out a time that works best for you!

Can residential solar film be applied to plexiglass?
There are a few window films on the market that will adhere to plexiglass. Most window films will not adhere to it as they were made for standard glass.

How do you tint house windows for privacy?
Carmeleon offers several different privacy window films. You can choose from a reflective window film, a frosted window film or blackout film. Speak with a representative to learn what your different privacy window film options are!

Will newly installed residential solar film bubble?
It's very common for newly installed residential solar film to show evidence of water bubbles as it's actually part of the drying process. Don’t worry, it's simply residual moisture trapped under the film that will evaporate as the film cures to this window over the drying period mentioned next. Sometimes the drying process can take up to 60 days for all the moisture to evaporate. It is important that you don't touch or press on these bubbles as it prolongs the drying process and can potentially damage the film.

Is residential solar film removable?
All types of residential window film whether it’s solar film, security window film, anti graffiti film, decorative window film & window graphics are removable. While window film can be removed if need be, it isn’t easily removable in the sense that it will just fall off over time. If you want your window film removed, for best results, contact a professional company like Carmeleon Branding to assist in any such removals.

How do I clean window film that was installed to my home?
Residential window film can be cleaned with non-abrasive materials like a micro-fibre cloth and ammonia free liquid solutions. It is important to note that window film can take up to 60 days to fully dry, so be sure to wait the appropriate amount of time before trying to clean your windows.

Can you get privacy at night with residential solar film?
When it comes to privacy, you can get daytime privacy with solar film, but the current window film products that are available on the market don't allow for night time privacy if the lights are on. If you are looking for night time privacy, you can use a decorative window film such as a frosted window film to achieve night time privacy. With frosted window film, you won't be able to see in or out during the day or night.

Can residential solar film make glass crack?
If you don’t install the proper window film for your glass type yes, your glass might be susceptible to cracking, due to the window film *absorbing too much heat. Our expert sales team will make sure to know what type of glass you have and recommend a safe window film that won’t make your glass crack. *See glass & film facts on Window Tint Film page and also Recommended Films for Factory Tinted Glass below:

Can residential solar film be installed onto factory tinted glass?
Yes, certain films onto certain glass is recommended, please see below:


Recommended Films for Factory Tinted Glass Panes:

All clear glass - single thickness – float glass

All colour film is acceptible for application to this glazing type.

Clear shatterproof laminated glass or solar shield glass

Only silver reflective films are recommended to this glazing type. This type of glass builds up heat between two panes. Coloured films absorb more heat than the silver reflective films. The combination of coloured films and shatterproof or solar shield glass can produce more heat build-up than the glass can tolerate and could cause the glass to crack. If the silver reflective is not appealing then a 35% black non reflective is an alternative to opt for.

Heat absorbing shadow light

All silver reflective films in 20%, 35%, and 50% densities are recommended. Tinted glass functions by absorbing the heat and holding it in the glass. Coloured film (reflective and non-reflective) also absorb heat. This combination can produce more heat build-up than the glass can tolerate and could cause the glass to crack.

Dark tinted heat absorbing glass

All silver films are recommended. Please note the darker the window is tinted, the lighter the silver film is recommended.

Reflective glass

All films are recommended, preferably silver. Caution – please determine whether the glass has a history of breakage and if so, silver is a must.

Frosted, textured or wired glass

Because the glass has been edged, carved or contains wire, it has already been weakened. Not recommended for film application unless owner accepts risks. No guarantees offered.

Acrylic or Perspex

Some Perspex or acrylic have had film applied successfully. However, each product has different expansion and contraction and once film has been applied, the film can cause ridges to form on large sheets. No guarantees offered.

Polycarbonate or Lexan

All films are recommended for this application. A pressure sensitive film must be used. Dry adhesive films will not bond properly to polycarbonate.

Armour plate or tempered glass

All safety films can be applied to armour plate or tempered glass.

THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS PURELY A RECOMMENDATION: Carmeleon assumes no risk or liability for glass breakage whatsoever!



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