Windows can offer some exceptional branding space, especially shopfront windows which are generally quite large and it is for this reason that one can take advantage of this space by covering them with your brand or to advertise your services or any specials on offer.

Our Window Graphics services and products include the following:

Contravision (One Way Vision)
This vinyl has perforated holes in it which allows one to see outside from inside an office but prevents passers by from looking into an office or shop. This option allows sunlight in.

Solid Vinyls
This vinyl is solid and prevents one from seeing outside as well as preventing passers by from looking into an office or shop. This option does block out sunlight if needed.

Film lamination and Liquid laminations are available to protect printed graphics from the elements.

Sandblast Vinyls
These vinyls offer different shades and colours as well as different degrees of transparency and obscurety and light transmission as well as some unique designs which include:
Etched Glass, Thin Wavy Lines, Alternating Stripes, White Random Lines, Organic Etch Stripes, Linen, Frosted Stripes, Frosted Squares, White Rice Paper, Bubbles, Flowers, Bamboo, Pixels and more...

These vinyls will allow a fair amount of light in but not direct sun instead it will be more of a glare.