Our Glass Window Film services include the following:


Frosted Glass Films
Frosted glass film, also known as Sandblast vinyl offers different shades and colours as well as different degrees of transparency and obscurety and light transmission as well as some unique designs which include Etched Glass, Thin Wavy Lines, Alternating Stripes, White Random Lines, Organic Etch Stripes, Linen, Frosted Stripes, Frosted Squares, White Rice Paper, Bubbles, Flowers, Bamboo, Pixels and more.

Frosted glass stickers will allow a fair amount of light in but not direct sun, instead it will be more of a glare and while there are standard designs available as mentioned above we can also produce non-standard frosted glass stickers as well which can either be solid stickers or cut outs/shapes as well offering the perfect degree of privacy with an elegant look. These films are commonly used in a corporate environment on boardroom glass windows and then also in homes on windows, shower doors and to prevent people from walking into glass sliding doors.


Glass Tint Film
In order to do glass window tint film applications (also known as Window Tinting or Klingshield) it is important to know that the type of glass determines the type of glass tint film to be used and then one also needs to decide on whether you are wanting to keep out heat or light.

Laminated or Safety Glass- These glasses expand and contract with heat. Dense colour glass tint film causes thermal stress to the glass which can cause the glass to crack. If Laminated or Safety glass windows are not exposed to sun then it will be fine to use any colour film and if the glass is exposed for 2-3 hours of morning sun only then it would be fine to use any colour films BUT if the glass is exposed to the sun from 11am onwards till the evening then dense glass window tint film will cause the glass to shatter. The only films one can use on windows with a lot of sun exposure are a Non-reflective 5%, 20% & 35% or a Silver 15% reflective or higher.

Toughened, Temper Shield or Float Glass- Any film of choice can be used, the way to test what type of glass is installed can be done by tapping a key onto the window and if it has a tin like sound then it is toughened/temper shield or float glass.  If it makes a dense/solid like sound then it is Laminated/Safety glass. Glass window tint films are ideal for keeping out harmful U.V. rays and in the process protecting any furniture that may be exposed to the sun during the day from fading.

Post Installation– After installing window tint films it is common to see some bubbles and moisture from certain angles when viewing the windows, especially from outside. These bubbles and moisture typically start to disappear after +- 3 weeks of the windows getting sunlight on to them and +- 6 weeks if the windows are in the shade.


Contravision (One Way Vision)
This vinyl has perforated holes in it which allows one to see outside from inside an office but prevents passers by from looking into the office or shop. This option allows sunlight in, a clear film lamination is available for this option but it needs to be the clear film lamination with the Clear Adhesive option which allows for a clear view to the outside.


Solid Vinyls
This vinyl is solid and prevents one from seeing outside as well as preventing passers by from looking into an office or shop. This option does block out sunlight if needed and is available in various pigmented colours or as a printed option with any graphic of your choice and if printed then a film lamination is recommended to prevent scratches.


Film lamination and Liquid laminations are available to protect only printed graphics from the elements and is not used on the frosted glass film or glass tint film options.